Reading with Coffee

Our next meeting will be on October 19th at 7:00 pm at the Dominion Clubhouse.  Phyl Morrisey and Carol Miceli will be reviewing the book "Finding Dorothy" by Elizabeth Betts.

This richly imagined novel tells the story behind The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the book that inspired the iconic film, through the eyes of author L. Frank Baum’s intrepid wife, Maud.



November - Deb & Tammie

December - skipping December

January - TBD

February - Joyce & Rhonda

Marrch - Mary & Carol W.

April - Myra & Robin

May - Leisa & Janet

June - TBD

July - TBD

August - TBD



  • To learn new perspectives and participate in healthy debates.

  • Read books beyond your normal boundaries.

  • Opportunity to socialize with your neighbors/community and fellow book lovers.

  • Exposure to new ideas and differing viewpoints.

  • We have to talk about the book, if its a stinker the talk will be short.

  • Haven't finished or even read the book?

When its your time to choose a book for the group to read, it can either be enjoyable or frightening.  You won't please all, not everyone will like every book.


  • Topic

  • Length - typically no longer than 450 pages.

  • Publication date.

  • A book that fosters great discussion.

  • Should be available through the library.

  • Bring 2 books to present and let the group decide.

If you are the host, come with discussion questions, author information, author bio and author photo. 

Below are some resources, reviews, and discussion questions:

We will meet the third Tuesday of the month (with the exception of September, meeting will be on the 28th.)  The schedule will also be posted on the website Calendar page.

The book we will be reading for September is Loving Frank, Nancy Horan.  It is her debut novel and was released  in 2007.  It won the "Best Historical Fiction in 2009, and was a New York Times bestseller. 

  • September host is Becky Rhoads. 

  • October hosts are Phyl Morrisey and Leisa Hartman.

You can still join the Book Club if you did not make it to the August meeting.  Please call Becky Rhoads (740-398-7208) or at for more information.